At Klosét we make an honest, real and well thought-out selection of products.

At Klosét we make an honest, real and well thought-out selection of products.

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The famous international fashion figure, Eva Hughes, for the first time in Cali

One of the most prominent experts in the fashion world, Eva Hughes, will share her tips for creating a brand identity and successfully combining current trends and personal style. Klosét, and two of its allied brands, Amores Filosóficos and Teiruma, come together to give rise to this unique event.

Eva Hughes is an indisputable reference in Latin America. Her professional career has consolidated her as an influential personality that demonstrates her indisputable ability to stand out, in each of the contributions she makes in the luxury fashion sector.

She has 20 years of experience in the publishing area, several of which she served as editor of VOGUE for Latin America, in addition to having been the CEO of the American group Condé Nast for Mexico and Latin America (VOGUE, Vanity Fair, AD, Glamor and GQ). On the other hand, she is the founder of Adira Consulting, a company that provides advice to its clients to reach their maximum potential, by providing them with specific strategies to establish an inspiring connection with their buyers. In addition, he is currently a member of the board of directors of the Marangoni Institute in Miami.

Convinced of the great impact of communicating ideas, Eva Hughes is also a passionate speaker who shares her strong and innovative ideas related to leadership, empowerment, self-style and identity.

“How to build a personal identity and a brand identity”.

This will be the topic of the talk that Eva Hugues will give in Cali. Convinced of the great contribution that it represents for our city, bringing a personality of its stature, Klosét, Amores Filosóficos and Teiruma, decided to join, with the aim of offering a particularly unique moment.

“Our guest is going to address both our partner brands and our special guests, in a talk on How to build a personal identity and a brand identity,” explains María Paula López, manager of Klosét. Both the Colombian designers allied to the multi-brand store and the constant followers of fashion will be present at the event.

“The idea is that our allies receive the most effective advice to consolidate a consistent and consistent brand with their own DNA. And as for our special guests, what we are looking for is that they bring the best ideas so that they can adapt fashion trends to their daily lives, according to their style, ”says María Paula.

In this way, a space continues to be consolidated that makes luxury fashion increasingly visible. The uniting of efforts between the enterprising women from Cali, Klosét, Amores Filosóficos and Teiruma, has the clear purpose not only to offer an enriching meeting, but also to encourage the development of the fashion industry in Colombia, through accurate support for the growth of its allied brands.

By generating this type of spaces for reflection and analysis, from the perspective of an expert in the sector such as Eva Hughes, the organizers seek to demonstrate the influence of Cali as a key city in the consolidation of a feminine universe that seeks to nourish itself with the most select from current fashion.


Date: Thursday, August 22.
Time: 4:00 p.m. at 9:00 p.m.
Place: Klosét – Avenida 9 A Norte No 9-40. Cali.
Contact: María Paula López.
Social: @klosetstore_co

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